The Babies of 2016

Thank you to all of the sweet mamas who have sent cards and letters this year. I absolutely LOVE reading your highlights from the year and seeing the photos of your beautiful, growing families.

2016 was an exciting year with a lot of big things. In addition to starting a home birth practice and witnessing over 30 amazingly beautiful births, we moved out of our tiny home, renovated a pop-up camper, explored New England with its beautiful fall leaves, assisted a midwife in Dallas for 4 weeks, and worked (and vacationed!) in Belize. I am so thankful for the many lessons learned and memories shared with dear friends and family this year.

Here are my birth statistics from this past year:

  • Total Births Attended: 34
  • Primary Births: 25
  • Furthest Distance Traveled for a Birth: Belize (1054 miles)
  • Fastest Birth: 1 minute after arrival
  • Transports:
    • Intrapartum (During Labor) – 0
    • Postpartum (After the Birth) – 1
  • Boys: 13
  • Girls: 21
  • Most Popular Birth Day: Monday & Thursday

To My Clients,
It has been such an honor to be a part of your births this year. I carry with me special moments and memories from each and every birth. Thank you for allowing me the blessing of caring for you and your precious babies. I pray your families experience great health, abundant laughter, and God's richest blessings in 2017.
♥ Lisa