Prenatal Visits

10-12 weeks of pregnancy

Your initial prenatal visit will be about 90 minutes. During this visit I will get to know you and your partner, review your health history, and answer any questions. This visit will include:

  • Review of your health history, including past pregnancies and births

  • Review of contracts, client responsibilities, and financial obligations

  • Nutrition and exercise counseling for maintaining a low-risk pregnancy

  • Physical assessment

  • Pregnancy lab work

  • Complete prenatal visit including tummy check and hearing your baby's heart beat

  • Review of your welcome packet

14-16 weeks

Routine Prenatal Visit: urine check, weight check, diet review, vital signs, Leopold's (abdominal palpation) and listening to the baby's heart rate

18-20 weeks

Routine Prenatal Visit. This is the time to schedule your anatomy ultrasound. I will provide referrals and assist with scheduling if needed

24 weeks

Routine Prenatal Visit. This is a great time to interview doulas and register for a childbirth class.

28 weeks

Routine Prenatal Visit, 28 week labs to screen for diabetes and anemia, RhoGAM injection if Rh- blood type

30 weeks & 32 weeks

Routine Prenatal Visit

34 weeks of pregnancy

Routine Prenatal Visit. Time to order your birth kit!

36 weeks of pregnancy

Home visit. At 36 weeks, we will meet at your home to discuss birth plans and Group Beta Strep (GBS) testing and options.

37-42 weeks of pregnancy

Weekly routine Prenatal Visits.


Labor and Birth

When labor begins, we will be in contact by phone or text until contractions become more regular. When labor is well established I will come to your home and will perform a labor assessment and listen to the baby's heart rate. During your labor I will provide continuous emotional support and monitoring of you and your baby. When birth is eminent I will call a birth assistant to come to your home to assist with the birth and postpartum care. After the birth, I will monitor you and the baby for a minimum of two hours. All of my practices are mother-baby friendly and immediate skin-to-skin bonding, delayed cord clamping, and breastfeeding will be encouraged. During the immediate postpartum period, your baby will have a full newborn exam, we will review newborn care information, and you both can enjoy an herbal bath to bond and facilitate healing. My assistant and I will clean up and ensure you and your baby are snug and stable before leaving your home. I will file a birth certificate for your baby. 

*I will bring oxygen, herbs, IV set-up, antibiotics (if indicated), emergency equipment, medication for hemorrhage, and suture equipment to your birth.  


Postpartum Care

2 days postpartum

Home Visit to asses you and your baby. The Newborn Screen will be performed and RhoGAM will be administered if indicated.

2 weeks postpartum

Visit for you and your baby in my office.

6 weeks postpartum

Visit for you and your baby in my office.


Fees and payment options will be discussed at your free consultation visit. I do not accept insurance but am happy to work with healthcare sharing programs such as Medi-Share or Samaritan Ministries.

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Lisa Rutledge, LM, CPM

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